Hospice of the Angels, HOLA Hospice

Hospice of the Angels, HOLA Hospice,

is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing care at home or in a residence to senior patients, as well as offering palliative care to terminally ill patients in Morelia, Michoacán, México.

About Us

Our interdisciplinary team made up of doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, spiritual guides, other therapists, nutritionists and thanatologists, offer palliative care, symptom management, pain control and spiritual support to our patients and their families with amiable, kind, dignified, compassionate and respectful treatment in a comfortable setting.


Hospice of the Angels, HOLA Hospice is a non-profit organization made up of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, committed to improving the quality of life of individuals and their families in their residence or at their home, providing palliative and hospice care through medical, emotional and spiritual support to patients with chronic or terminal illnesses.


Hospice of the Angels, HOLA Hospice will be recognized as the best institution nationwide in providing quality of life and palliative care to patients with chronic or terminal illnesses through compassionate, loving, respectful and dignified care. We will also provide continuing education and training to healthcare professionals and family members on the subjects of hospice and palliative care.


When hospitals are not an option, when families cannot care for their loved ones, when a cure is no longer possible, Hospice of the Angels, HOLA Hospice will be there to meet your needs.

Improving the quality of life of the elderly and terminally ill patients is an act of love, respect and compassion. Let us support and accompany you in this difficult stage, at Hospice of the Angels, HOLA Hospice, we attend and take care of your family member as if they were at home.



We all have dreams and aspirations, Elena López Sánchez, founder, president, and CEO of Hospice of the Angeles, HOLA Hospice is bringing hers to fruition.

Elena is originally from Jacona, Michoacan, Mexico and came to the United States after her mother died when she was 9 years old. Even at that young age, she had enormous compassion and a great desire to help others.

She received her Vocational Nurse License in 1987 in Los Angeles California. She worked at Century City Hospital, City of Angels Hospice, Healthcare Foundation, In Patient Consultants, St. Vincent’s Hospital and Kaiser Permanente.

Elena found her true calling as a hospice nurse in 1992.

Elena received her certification as a care planning manager from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) in 2005.

She built close relationships with her patients and thrived in that environment. After the passing of one of her beloved patients, Elena made a vow to honor that patient by carrying on the legacy to give compassionate care to those with terminal illness and to one day build up a hospice in her hometown of Michoacán, México.

Hola Hospice of the Angels, HOLA Hospice is the very first hospice in Morelia, Michoacán, México where patients live with compassion, dignity, and never die alone.


Social work assistance

The patient and family will receive a preliminary visit from the social worker who will analyze and evaluate the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the situation.

Skilled Nursing Services

The patient will receive comfort care, palliative and hospice care. The focus is on symptom and pain management.


Depending on the physical condition of the patient and the state of progress of the disease, the physician will prescribe the appropriate treatment to control the symptoms and signs of the terminal illness. The goal is to create a pain free, comfortable, peaceful transition for the patient at the end of his or her life journey.

Complying with the Advance Directive Law of the State of Michoacán de Ocampo, published in the Official State Newspaper, on December 29, 2016, Volume: CLXVI, Number: 31, section Twenty-eight.

Psychology & Thanatology

Hospice of the Angels, HOLA Hospice provides thanatology and psychology services to assist the patient and their families to understand the grieving process they will encounter during the illness and at the end-of-life.

Education and Training

Hospice of the Angels, HOLA Hospice provides education and professional training in palliative care, hospice care and thanatology for patients and their families, as well as healthcare institutions and hospitals, with specialists trained in Mexico, the United States and other countries.

Home support

If your loved one wishes to be cared for at home during the terminal stage, our multidisciplinary team will offer support with hospice and palliative care, pain and symptom control, physical and occupational therapies, nutritional counseling and spiritual accompaniment in the comfort of your home.


The purpose of life is a life with purpose.

We appreciate the generosity and compassion of our volunteers and offer several ways to help:

  • Ongoing training and education in all facets of hospice and palliative care
  • Fundraiser and community events
  • Attention and accompaniment in the residence
  • Mourning, emotional and spiritual support


  • Despacho LURE Conscious Branding
  • La Fontaine de Marcella
  • Semáforo Alta Moda
  • Joyas Mathus
  • Ayuntamiento de Morelia
  • Fundación Querer Querétaro
  • Radio Periódico Provincia
  • La Ru & el Rul
  • Novias y XV años HANNA
  • Maestra Carmen Calderón Hinojosa
  • Maestra Rosalva Vidal de Morón
  • Uno en Voluntad AC
  • Quálitas Oficina Morelia
  • Órigo Panadería de Origen
  • Frutas y Verduras “El Chino”
  • Salud Aplicada Uruapan (SAU)
  • Más Vida Madero
  • Despacho Yamav Asesores de Negocios
  • Starbucks Sucursal Camelinas
  • Amigos anónimos de Hola Hospice

Donations in México:

Fundación Hospicio de los Ángeles A.C.

Banco Banbajio
No. Cuenta: 0274673230201
CLABE: 030470900020871223

Donations outside México:

Hospice of the Angels HOLA.

Bank of America
Account No: 325039770756
Routing No: 121000358
Non profit 501 (c) (3)
Federal EIN: 61-1721511

Hospice of the Angels, HOLA Hospice is an official Member of the International Association of Hospices and Palliative Care.













































































































































































































  • What do we offer?
    • Pain relief and symptom management
    • Holistic care and spiritual support
    • Medical supplies and equipment
    • Bereavement counseling for teminally-ill patients and their families
    • Support for the patient, their family and love ones
  • Specialized medical assistance and compassionate companionship for patients facing the advanced stages of any terminal illness. Palliative and hospice care can be provided at:

    • Our residence
    • Any hospital
    • The patient´s residence

    Services include:

    • Training on how to care for the patient
    • End-of-life emotional and spiritual support
  • Yes, our team will work together with the patient´s physician.

  • Our social worker will conduct a socioeconomic study and evaluate the ability to pay. It is expected that the family or patient will cover the costs according to their economic situation.

    • Fundraising events
    • Donations from individuals and companies
    • Subsidies

    Donations are tax deductible

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